It is with profound sadness that I write to express my deepest sympathies at the death of Rich. His mark on me and countless others is indelible and his legacy is transcendent. Rich was color in a world of beige. I would often see him at a distance standing in the corner of the chapel at Camp Geneva or in the narthex of Christ Memorial Church on a Sunday morning after I had preached. He would be holding court, in a manner of speaking, with one person after another standing by hoping to steal a moment of his time, to catch the updraft of his generous spirit or to bask in the warmth of his radiant personality. I too would wait my turn to move toward him. His cornucopic love and care produced enough energy to power a lifetime. And perhaps the thing that amazed me the most was that there was always something left for me. He could and would give of himself so liberally. We are all so deeply in your debt.